Sensitive Skin Extract 15ml

柔敏舒緩洋甘菊萃取液 15ml

Indicated for younger, more sensitive skin, which may be irritated or suffering from couperoisis. Soothing and moisturising properties. Keeps the skin smooth, harmonious and moisturised, without making it oily. MAIN INGREDIENTS: Pure calendula extract, malva, chamomile soaked in hydro-soluble liquid and percolated drop by drop. METHOD OF USE: Apply in the morning and evening after applying moisturising cream, and in the evening gently massaging into the face and neck."

所含植物萃取是用水溶性液體浸潤,再以傳統「緩滴過濾 法」一滴一滴彙集而成, 特別適合敏感肌使用, 具舒緩、安撫、鎮靜、去紅和保護功效, 補水而不會增加肌膚負擔,有效疏通毛孔。 主要成份: 純金盞花提取物、錦葵、洋甘菊等。 使用方法: 早上於清潔爽膚後的臉部及頸部取3 至5滴按摩塗上, 建議配合整套柔敏護理使用。


Sensitive Skin Cream 50ml

柔敏舒緩水漾面霜 50ml

For all dehydrated skin, or skin showing signs of blotching, irritation, and sensitive skin with couperosis. Properties which soften, moisturise and protect the most delicate and sensitive skin types. High moisturising and soothing abilities. MAIN INGREDIENTS: Calendula, jojoba, malva, chamomile, lavender, azulene and vitamins E and A. METHOD OF USE: The cream can be applied in the morning and evening, either alone or alongside the Sensitive Skin Serum or Extract."

針對缺水、敏感、泛紅、脫屑皮膚特別調配, 具舒緩、鎮靜、抗炎、保濕及保護功效, 能有效改善皮膚的各種問題及即時改善過敏皮膚痕癢脫皮情況。 主要成份︰ 金盞花、荷荷巴油、錦葵、洋甘菊、薰衣草、德國洋甘菊、維生素E和A等。 使用方法︰ 每天早、晚取適量擦於清潔的臉及頸上,輕輕按摩至吸收。


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