Pearls & Yogurt Gelatine with Trace Elements 珍珠乳酪透潤亮肌潔面凝膠 200ml + Pearls Mask  珍珠透潤去皺亮肌修護面膜 50ml


[Pearls & Yogurt Gelatine with Trace Elements 珍珠乳酪透潤亮肌潔面凝膠 200ml]

清潔﹑溫和去角質雙效合一的潔面產品。如珍珠通透的凝膠質地,味道清新怡人,細膩的磨砂粒子加上豐富的珍珠粉﹑乳酪﹑ 礦物鹽等成分,讓您每天享受洗面同時溫和去除角質, 令肌膚更潔淨﹑透亮﹑平滑緊致。

主要成份︰ 珍珠粉、乳酪、微量元素,死海礦物鹽等。

使用方法︰ 每天使用。取適量塗於臉部﹑頸部及上胸打圈按摩清潔, 然後以溫水徹底洗淨。


For daily use. Cleanses and exfoliates the skin leaving it glowing, soft and elasticated. The exfoliating properties of the pearls protect and re-balance the acid mantle of the skin. They speed up cell renewal and remove dead surface cells.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Pearl powder, yoghurt, trace elements, mineral salts, silica.

METHOD OF USE: For daily use. Apply a small amount to the face, neck, and upper chest. Massage into the skin using circular movements and wash off with warm water.


[Pearls Mask 珍珠透潤去皺亮肌修護面膜 50ml

此面膜是拯救疲倦而缺乏生機的肌膚最理想的解決方案, 是出席重要約會或場合前的急救面膜! 具滋養﹑修復﹑緊致﹑ 抗氧化功效。 質地滋潤而不膩; 味道清新恰人, 讓您敷面膜同時放鬆心情, 身心都能感受到年輕﹑美麗。

主要成份: 高濃度六勝肽、珍珠粉、野生藍莓、荷荷芭油、複合性維生素。

使用方法: 取適量面膜塗於臉部﹑頸部厚敷約20分鐘, 再作按摩讓皮膚吸收, 然後用溫水或濕棉花抹淨。 建議隨後使用同系列之精華及面霜, 效果更佳。

Suitable for all skintypes. For frequent or one off use. Ideal treatment for relieving stressed and tired skin, frownlines and loss of elasticity. Its formula which is rich in Argireline, pearls, natural extracts and new generation ingredients brings back smoothness, firmness, elasticity and luminosity to your skin. The perfect treatment for instant beauty.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Argireline, jojoba, bilberry, pearls and vitamins.

METHOD OF USE: Apply a generous amount to the face, neck and upper chest. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. To maximise results proceed to apply Pearl Perfection Brightening Serum and Hydrotensile Cream.

珍珠乳酪透潤亮肌潔面凝膠 200ml + 珍珠透潤去皺亮肌修護面膜 50ml

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