Bust Volumizing oil Bust Beauty 100ml

有機豐盈美胸精華油 100ml

Oil which gives the breasts a more voluminous feeling, providing a prettier and more beautiful bust. Its efficiency comes from the combination of active natural ingredients which lift up the bust, giving it volume and firmness. It volumises and tones the breasts, smoothing the skin, and guaranteeing a younger look. MAIN INGREDIENTS: Thyme, damask rose, rosehips, green soya, avocado oil and essential ylang–ylang oil. METHOD OF USE: Apply to the chest and cleavage in the evening using ascending circular movements. Exfoliate with mineral salts once a week.

這款有機精油令胸部更顯飽滿曲線柔美動人。蘊含多種天然活性成分、 提升胸型、 堅挺豐盈。有助令胸部豐滿迷人、 肌膚柔嫩光滑、 綻放年輕光采。 主要成份︰ 百里香、大馬士革玫瑰、玫瑰果、大豆、牛油果油、依蘭依蘭精油。 使用方法︰ 晚上塗抹於乳房和上胸,以向上打圈方式按摩至充分吸收。早上可配合彈力緊實美胸凝膠使用。每週一次用礦物鹽去除角質。


Bust Beauty Reaffirming Gel 200ml

彈力緊實美胸凝膠 200ml

Gel which provides an effective answer to skin slackening and loss of bust firmness. It encourages the synthesis of natural breast support fibres. Its natural ingredients have an immediate firming effect, and achieve firmer and more toned breasts. It moisturizes, softens and smooths the skin. MAIN INGREDIENTS: Thyme, horse tail, sage, pennywort, arnica montana, aloe vera and mineral salts. METHOD OF USE: Apply in the morning to make the most of its reaffirming effects. Use open circular movements starting from the bottom of the breasts and going up to the chin. Its fresh and non-sticky texture means you can get dressed straight afterwards. Once a week exfoliate with mineral salts.

這款凝膠可完美解決肌膚鬆弛和胸部失去彈性的問題。產品可促進胸部天然支撐纖維的合成。蘊含天然成分、 即時緊致肌膚、 令胸型更加緊實優美。柔潤保濕光滑肌膚。 主要成份︰ 百里香、馬尾草、鼠尾草、積雪草、山金車、蘆薈、礦物鹽。 使用方法︰ 早上,以打圈按摩手法,從乳房下方開始,直至下顎。質地清爽不油膩,塗抹後可立即穿著衣物。每週一次,用礦物鹽去除角質。

豐盈美胸套裝 Bust Beauty Set

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