Antiaging cream with re-balancing effects, for all skintypes which need extra care throughout the day. Absolutely essential for the most delicate periods of a woman’s life. Nourishing, repairing, hydrating and protecting properties, it provides the skin with a more united and silky appearance. With high anti-oxidising properties it prevents expression lines from reappearing.

Caviar extract, horsetail, pennywort, soya lecithin, St. John’s Wort oils, sage and jojoba.

Apply a generous amount to fully cleansed skin. Apply to the face, neck and upper-chest. Continue to massage until fully absorbed. Its excellent properties allow for it
to be applied at night and during the day."

一瓶集抗衰老、平衡肌膚、喚醒細胞、高效補水及防護於一身的珍貴面霜。 對提早衰老、需要特別呵護的肌膚尤其有效。 長期使用更有效明顯減淡細紋及延緩衰老。

主要成份: 魚子精華、馬尾草、石蓮花、大豆卵磷脂、聖約翰草油、鼠尾草提取物、荷荷巴油等。

使用方法: 每天早﹑晚清潔和爽膚後, 取適量塗於臉部﹑頸部按摩至吸收,特別於有皺紋的地方多加按摩。 建議先使用魚子抗皺修顏精華,效果更佳。

Antiaging Caviar Cream 50ml 魚子精華抗皺修顏霜 50ml

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