For sensitive, fragile and irritated skin. Unblocks, soothes and strengthens the capillaries. Essential for all sensitive, flaky and blotchy skin types.

100% Organic product based on plant extracts, essential oils and floral waters. Extracted using the traditional “drop by drop” method in order to obtain maximum properties and benefits. Lavender, ruscus and natural azulene.

Apply in the morning and evening after daily cleansing, spraying directly on the skin, or apply with cotton-wool gently dabbing the face and neck.

選用100%有機植物提取物、精油和花水。 為皮膚疏導, 舒緩和增強毛細血管。 適合敏感、脫皮缺水、斑點肌膚類型。

主要成份︰ 金盞花、薰衣草、花竹柏、天然薁等。

使用方法︰ 適用於早、晚潔面後,直接噴在皮膚上,或以棉毛沾濕輕輕塗抹在臉上和頸部。

Sensitive Skin Tonic 200ml 柔敏舒緩修護金盞花水 200ml

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