To be used on skin with impurities and with large pores. Helps to provide oxygen to the tissues, closing the pores and allowing the skin to regain its softness and smoothness without drying it up.

Arnica, green tea, niauli and sesame.

Apply in the morning after cleansing and toning. Apply a small amount using light movements (without massaging). To enhance effects apply some drops of Green Tea Extract beforehand.

適合存在瑕疵和毛孔粗大問題的肌膚。為皮膚組織注入氧分、 細緻毛孔、 令肌膚恢復柔軟光滑、 避免肌膚乾燥。

主要成份︰ 山金車、綠茶、綠花白千層、 芝麻。

使用方法︰ 每日早上在潔膚、爽膚後塗抹。輕柔塗抹少量產品無需按摩。如需增強效果、 可預先塗抹數滴綠茶修護精華液。

Hydrothermal Cream - Oily & Acne Prone Skin 50ml 水油平衡修護面霜 50ml

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