A cream which keeps the skin moisturised for 24 hours, reviving its luminosity and vitality. Soya and the rosehips reduce wrinkles and stains, while the Massada 
TM complex rich in vitamins and minerals fights signs of premature aging due to its efficient antioxidising action.

Massada TM complex, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, trace elements, ginkgo biloba, rosehip, organic soya.

Can be used on all skin types as a day and/ or night cream. Apply to previously cleansed and re-vitalised face, neck and upper chest. Apply using ascending and circular
movements until fully absorbed."

24小時長效保濕神器 ! 「MASSADA ™ Complex」富含特選珍貴自家提煉的植物精萃、多種維生素、 皮膚必需的礦物質等具有顯著改善過早老化、受陽光損害的肌膚讓肌膚回復光澤、青春與活力。

主要成份︰ 「MASSADA ™ Complex 」、維生素 A、C、E、微量元素、銀杏、花竹柏、玫瑰果、有機大豆等

使用方法︰ 適用於所有膚質。每天早上清潔和爽膚後,取適量塗於臉部、 頸部按摩至吸收,特別於有皺紋及缺水的地方多加按摩。建議先使用銀杏雪蓮全效平衡精華油、 效果更佳。

Bio Cellular Restructuring Cream 50ml 有機銀杏雪蓮全效平衡抗皺面霜

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