For use on mature and dry skin, and skin lacking in vitality. Recommended to be used before and after aesthetic medical treatment to maximise results and to maintain the integral structure of the epidermis. It has high nutritional and repairing powers, it helps to prevent the oxidisation and aging of the skin tissues, giving life and glow to the skin.

Pearl powder, shajio, cranberries, liquid gold and vitamin E.

Apply a generous amount in the evenings after facial hygiene processes and after applying Pearl Perfection Brightening Serum."

專為熟齡、乾燥、暗啞肌膚而設之配方, 改善 老化、缺水、缺乏活力的皮膚; 讓皮膚煥白、滋潤, 有生機。 具滋養﹑修復﹑緊致﹑抗老化功效。 特別適合接受醫學美容療程前後使用, 可顯著提升療效、保護及修復皮膚。

主要成份: 高濃度六勝肽、枸杞、人蔘提取物、液態奈米黃金、珍珠粉、玫瑰果油、沙棘、微量元素等。

使用方法: 每天早﹑晚清潔和爽膚後,取適量塗於臉部﹑頸 部按摩至吸收, 特別於有皺紋的地方多加按摩。 建議先使用珍珠透潤抗皺亮肌精華,效果更佳。

Pearls & Gold Repair Cream 50ml 珍珠透潤抗皺亮肌黃金面霜 50ml

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