To be used as a powerful skin reliever whenever the skin is red or blotchy. Re-balancing properties. Relieves blotching while moisturising and decongesting the skin.

Shea butter, azulene, chamomile, vitamin E, calendula, malva and chamomile essential oil.

Use once a week. Essential for using after being in the sun in order to keep the skin healthy and to achieve the perfect tan. Apply to clean skin after using the sensitive skin tonic. Spread a generous amount to the neck and upper chest and leave for 15-20 minutes. Remove with warm water. To maximise action apply Serum or Sensitive Skin Extract using circular movements across the face, neck and upper chest.

是泛紅、痕癢及缺水皮膚的急救秘方! 完美的舒緩配方能馬上改善皮膚問題, 即時補水並去紅。

主要成份: 乳木果油、洋甘菊、德國洋甘菊、維生素E、金盞花、錦葵、 甘菊精油等。

使用方法: 取適量面膜塗於臉部﹑頸部約 20分鐘, 然後用濕棉花抹淨。 建議連績使用或一周使用多次, 曬後皮膚亦可使用以得到馬上舒緩。
*溫馨提示: 一開始使用可能會有刺癢感,因為礦物鹽有消炎作用,母需擔心,正常情況下刺癢感會消失並不會引起過敏。

Sensitive Skin Mask 100ml 柔敏舒緩降紅急救面膜 100ml

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