Anti-spots facial whitening mask unites skin tone creating a notably more harmonious and radiant appearance. This efficient mask prevents and clears spots resulting from aging, pregnancy, sun and acne, thanks to its complex bearberry and mimosa formula. It will bring back the skin’s lost glow.

Bearberry, sesame, wheatgerm and essential oils.

Use once a week on washed skin. Spread a generous amount across the face and neck and leave to set for 15- 20 minutes. Remove with warm water. Apply some Whitening Bearberry Extract drops both before and after applying the mask to maximise results."


主要成份︰ 熊果素、芝麻、小麥胚芽、多種天然純精油。

使用方法︰ 建議每週使用一次,可配合美白護理療程加強效果。取適量面膜塗於臉部﹑頸部約20分鐘,然後用清水洗淨。建議配合整套美白護理使用。

Whitening Mask 100ml 特效亮白瑩肌瞬透面膜 100ml

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