Daily use moisturising cream which improves skin tone. It unites skin tone without destroying melanocytes and moisturises the skin from within thanks to the efficient Massada moisturising complex. The result is more harmonious, smoother and re-textured skin.

Ursi Grape, sage, myrrh, vervain essential oil and vitamin E.

Apply on a daily basis using circular movements until fully absorbed. Light itching and stinging sensations may be felt a few days after using the cream, these should disappear after a few days. To maximise whitening action add some drops Whitening Bearberry Extract after using the cream.

有效改善膚色、破壞黑色素細胞、 採用了高效的MASSADA複合配方從肌膚底層全面滋潤和保護肌膚免受陽光侵害。提供更細緻嫩白、順滑而健康的皮膚。

主要成份︰ 烏爾西葡萄、鼠尾草、沒藥、 馬鞭草精油、維生素E等。

使用方法︰ 每天早上塗上精華後使用,頭幾天使用可能有輕癢感,幾天後便會消失。配合熊果萃取亮肌精華使用及MASSADA美白療程效果更佳。

Whitening Moisturizer Cream SPF 25/PA+++ 50ml 熊果素亮白瑩肌補水日霜 SPF 25/PA+++ 50ml

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